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I am so grateful for these heartfelt testimonials from some of my amazing students!

Learn why a yoga session can be the first step toward finding your best life!


”I cannot say enough great things about my yoga experience with Sue.  She is an incredible yoga teacher and spiritual guide who has helped me in so many ways. 

After every class with Sue I feel inspired and uplifted, and that feeling lasts through the day. 

Also, I love her Instagram Live stories with the cute backyard squirrels; keeps me laughing and wondering what will happen next! 

Do your mind and body a favor and take a class with Sue!”

Cathy G.


Regarding the very first "Elevated Evening of High Yoga"...

"Sue!  Thank you for such an incredible evening.  The sense of community was so awesome! I loved being a part of it and hearing everyone's stories.  I can't wait to see this flourish!"

Monica C.


"I am so grateful for your healing yoga sessions. When you guided us to 'open our hearts and let go of the grip' it helped me release an anger that I had for months and now I'm free.  Thank you Sue!  
You are an amazing and inspiring soul.  We are so lucky to have you as a teacher."

Amber L.


"Your yoga classes have been the highlight of my days for the past month. My head, heart, body and spirit are in a much better place thanks to your gentle, caring guidance."

Jeanne P.


"I'm still feeling the effects of today's class.  Vibrations are flowing! Your words are just as useful as the stretches!  Namaste!"

Felicia C.


”You're amazing Sue!  I'm feeling such a difference in my life.  Your words are so comforting during class.  I appreciate you and I enjoy practicing with you.  Incorporating yoga with Sue into my life has changed so much! 

It has helped improve my mood and my physical well-being and I feel a mental clarity and calmness that wasn’t there previously. 

It also helps relieve chronic stress and pain.

I recommend yoga with Sue for everyone!”

Rachele L.


"I'm so glad to have yoga Saturdays in the park.  
It is exactly what I need after the stressful week to heal and rejuvenate.
Thank you, Sue!"

Reba A.


"My soul is tattered and your energy and words made me feel cradled and safe.
The care you showed me helped glue me back together."

Willow L.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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