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Studio Classes

Tues/Wed at Yogalution Movement

244 Redondo Ave. Long Beach, CA 

*Classes offered with love by donation.

Studio Classes: Classes

2 Studio Class Offerings Weekly

Tuesday @ 11am at Yogalution Movement

Let Go & Flow

A grounding and reenergizing practice appropriate for all regardless of experience.  
Disconnect form the overthinking and drama as you cultivate a calm, centered connection to breath and inward focus while flowing gently through slow, stretchy asana.  
With steady practice you will increase flexibility, develop physical strength and cultivate a balanced connection between the mind body and soul.

Wednesday @ 7:45pm at Yogalution Movement

Night Moves-A Gentle, Soothing Practice

Usher in a restful night’s sleep with this sweet, slow, soulful and very healing practice appropriate for all regardless of yoga experience. 
Prepare to gently close your eyes, turn inward and take a beautiful, breath-filled journey into evening as you stretch, relax and let the chill tunes tickle your eardrums.
Practice ends with a healing Savasana sound bath.

Yoga Stretches
Studio Classes: Classes
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