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Transformational before and after photos of Yogasue

My Personal Transformation

I was living in the wrong skin...

I discovered a deep connection with Yoga in 2016 during a very challenging time in my life.

Anxious, stressed out and fresh off a seven year addiction to opioids and desperate for true healing, I attended my first class at Yoga on the Bluff.

With consistent practice I began to experience firsthand the tremendous and transformative healing power of the ancient science of yoga.
As my practice grew deeper and my body, mind and soul continued to heal and grow stronger, I developed an intense desire to learn more about this healing practice and share it with others.
I completed my 200 hour teacher training in 2020 under the guidance of my teacher Dharma Shakti at Yogalution Movement Studio.

I enjoy connecting with students as I lead with love and positive energy. My classes cultivate personal healing through joy, empowerment and music while encouraging a deep connection to breath and inward focus.

In addition to practicing and teaching yoga in Long Beach, California, I enjoy paddle boarding, bike riding, hanging out in my garden with the squirrels and birds.  I love road trips and spending time near the ocean. 

My Transformation: About
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