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"Teachers can act as invaluable guides to our own path by teaching us new ways of thinking, behaving, and being. They encourage honesty, integrity, and inquiry, while helping us deal skillfully with the obstacles we encounter, such as our inevitable physical limitations, negative emotional afflictions, and metal distortions.

Teachers help us navigate stormy seas when we might easily drown on our own, and they encourage us to stay with our practice when we might otherwise give up or become distracted by and attached to accomplishments along the way. The teachers with whom we choose to spend time do not need to be fully enlightened; they just need to be a few steps ahead of us regarding the aspects of the path we are learning from them." ~ from Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers

I have so much gratitude for my teacher Dharma Shakti!

I am proud to announce that Dharma will be a very special guest speaker at "The Elevated Afternoon" on Saturday August 27, 2022 from 1-5pm.

Hit the link to my Instagram and check the Special Events page for more information and to register!

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